A lively afternoon in the cemetery


Is it smart to spend your second day alone in a new country in a cemetery? Maybe not, but that’s what I did. I strolled the manicured aisles of the Cemetario Municipal, where the tombs decorated with rosaries, photographs and flowers and the plots lie shoulder to shoulder as far as you can see.

 black-cross-white-resized.jpg tombs.jpg

And, after shuffling back and forth between offices, I have almost secured a work Visa. My employers were right in telling me not to stress; it's been a fairly easy process. Just fill out a few forms, present a passport, immigration card, letter from my employer and a work contract, get four pictures taken at the corner Kodak store and voila! — permission to work in Chile. (I must report though, the man drawing up my work contract tried to slip in a salary lower than what he knew I was promised. Lesson: Read the fine print, especially if those writing the fine print are doing so in Spanish — or are otherwise in positions to take advantage.)

Question: If a man visiting on a senior citizen's tour from Santiago tells you you're dressed like a ranger, does that mean your outfit's too drab?