Ronan Lawlor lost Irish hiker

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According to the article in La Prensa Austral this morning, Ronan Lawlor’s body was found buried under a pile of rocks and debris in the moraine at the base of the towers. Rescuers say it was located 700 meters beyond the mirador from which people are advised to view the granite formations, in an area with a gradient of 75 degrees. They suspect Lawlor was climbing past the established overlook to take pictures when he lost his footing and fell.Rescuers found Lawlor’s passport in a nearby backpack, as well as a park entrance ticket dated Nov. 18, the date the Irish hiker was known to enter Torres del Paine. They must wait for the results of the autopsy in Punta Arenas to determine for sure whether the remains are Lawlor’s, however. The body had many lesions fractured bones and was in an advanced state of decomposition, according to La Prensa. It will be sent back to Ireland once the autopsy is complete.

Ronan Lawlor found

The steady thwop-thwop-thwop of a helicopter passing over my cabin woke me up this morning. More than a month after 28-year-old Irish hiker Ronan Lawlor went missing, his body was discovered by Brazilian tourists near the base of the towers yesterday. A search and rescue group is ascending to the spot this morning to fly out his remains.